The centerpiece and pride of our restaurant is the fully-equipped Wine Room, built of eco materials, with high-end temperature and humidity control systems. Temperature regime is 16 °C and humidity level is 68%. Generally, this room is used for aging and storage of wines. The biggest part of our reds is Bordeaux, that we order specially for our restaurant, hence they are unique to Ukrainian market. We also have separate wine coolers for Champagne and sparkling wines with temperature of 8 °C and two more coolers for white wines with temperature of 10 °C and 12 °C. The total inventory is 3.150 bottles. Including bottles from $14 to $2.032. The total number of wine selections on our wine list is 350 bottles, available to all guests. Plus, 20 selections delivered for definite regular guests. the level of wine presentation and service is very high in our restaurant. We have a wide range of silver coolers (from 2 to 12 bottles); a crystal set of decanter and cooler, specially designed for vintage white wine; our wide variety of decanters is used for aeration of young wines and decantation of aged and old ones. We boast a whole spectrum of wine glasses for white, rose, sparkling wines, and for Champagne. The Bordeaux and Burgundy wines are served in special glasses and all definite sorts of wine are served in recommended glasses and watch for all novelties in the world of wine and implement them in our restaurant (eg. Coravin, Wecomatic, new Riedel wine-glasses and decanters, etc).